Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello fellow PNIEB teacher, here are some easy steps to correctly plan your social practice, let´s begin:

1. Identify the product for your specific competency
2. Identify the achievements for your specific competency. 

3. Analyze how these achievements are related with the product and the specific competency. 

Tip: The achievement must always be present and will be reviewed at different moments. 

4. Analyze the suggested product stages for your specific competency in the syllabus

a. Identify the opening, development and closure stages.

5. Select and write on separate pieces of paper the stages that will be used in your team’s planning. From the suggested stages, some may be eliminated, or additional stages can be included.

You should have at least 3 main moments: 




6. Review the contents for the unit being planned and relate them to the different project stages.

7. Identify which contents are necessary for the initial, development and closing stages of the development of the product. 

Contents may be repeated

8. Answer the following four questions:

Is the relationship between the product and the specific competency clear?

Do the stages on your plan guarantee the elaboration of the product and the development of the specific competency?

Are the three types of content articulated in the different stages?

Will the achievements be reached with this plan?

9. Decide how long the development of the product will take. 

10. Assign times to each product stage

11. Choose one of the stages of the product development to be designed.

12. Brainstorm different activities (communicative situations) that could be carried out to work on this stage of the product. 

Write a list of possible activities.

13. Plan a Stage.

14. Consider the following elements and write them on a sheet of paper: 

Clarify the purpose of this stage.

Determine the logical sequence of activities and the time for it.

Identify assessment methods.

15. Determine the final activities in your classroom.

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