Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Teach English Tenses

Teaching tenses is one of the main tasks of any English as a foreign language teacher. Here are guides on how to teach tenses including exercise resources, lesson plans and more:

How to Teach the Present Simple
Step by step guide to teaching the present simple including lesson plan and activity suggestions. The guide also points out common difficulties students face when learning the present simple tense.

How to Teach the Past Simple to ESL Students
Use guide discusses how to teach the past simple including multiple examples, exercise and lesson suggestions as well as other related resources.

How to Teach the Present Continuous
This how to focuses on introducing the present continuous to students covering basic usage, as well as more advanced uses of this tense. Examples and suggested activities are included, as well as typical problems that come up in class.

How to Teach the Past Continuous
Guide to teaching the past continuous for English teachers who teach ESL and EFL classes including an emphasis on using the past continued for interrupted action. This guide includes appropriate lesson and activity suggestions.

How to Teach the Future
Guide to teaching future forms with will and going to for English teachers. There are many difficulties for students when choosing between will and going to, this introduction to teaching the future focuses on differences between will for speculation and going to for future plans. This guide includes appropriate lesson and activity suggestions.

How to Teach the Present Perfect
Teaching the present perfect can be quite challenging. Students need to understand the three principal uses of this form including speaking about life experience, expressing past to present and recent events that influence the present moment.

How to Teach Present Perfect Continuous
Teaching the present perfect continuous goes hand in hand with teaching the present perfect tense. This guide points out the important differences between the two tenses and provides tips on helping student understand.

How to Teach the Past Perfect
Teaching the past perfect comes later in the learning process. This guide focuses on the various uses of the past perfect including conditional forms and as a means of providing reasons for past actions.

How to Teach Conditionals
Use this guide to teaching conditionals to teach all four forms of the conditional. This guide provides notes on important differences in the forms, as well as a wealth of teaching resources that you can use in class.

How to Teach the Future Perfect Continuous
The future perfect continuous tense is one of the last tenses students should learn. This guide to teaching the future perfect tense provides tips on introducing the tense and comparing to similar tenses in the present and past.

How to Teach the Future Perfect
The future perfect tense is one of the last tenses that will be taught in class. Use this guide together with the guide to the future perfect continuous to help students understand how to express what will have been completed by a future point in time.

How to Teach the Past Perfect Continuous
The past perfect continuous should only be taught to advanced level students as it is seldom used in everyday conversations. This guide on how to teach the tense provides explanation tips as well as links to resources you can use in class to help teach the past perfect continuous.

How to Teach Future Continuous
The future continuous is used much less frequently than the present or past continuous. However, teaching the future continuous can be challenging because of shades in similar meaning between the future tenses. Use this guide on how to introduce and teach the future continuous to help clear up doubts in class.

How to Teach Reported Speech
Teaching the reported speech can be of great help to students as a means of reviewing tense usage as well as stretching their muscles in terms of conjugation. This how to approach suggests starting off easy with simple changes in tense and work towards more advanced reporting structures and verbs.

How to Teach Pronouns
This guide on how to teach pronouns suggests a manner in which the subject, object, possessive pronouns, as well as possessive adjectives can be introduced in a manner which will help students understand their usage by exploring sentence structure.