Monday, April 1, 2013

Top Tips for Teaching Practice Part 1

Teaching practice can be a a huge source of anxiety for new teachers who are short on time. This collection of resources was created for new teachers and can help save time when preparing for teaching practice, as well as providing valuable guidance and reference material along the way. These materials contain valuable information for teachers at all stages of their careers, who may be looking for some extra inspiration on learning strategies, assessment and classroom management.

1. Starters

We all know how important having a good ‘starter’ is in lessons. It can serve as that all-important hook for the remainder of the lesson and really help to motivate pupils and stimulate their curiosity. The resources below can provide you with a whole range of interesting starter activities which you can either use directly or adapt to suit your own purposes.

  • A great idea to start a fun class with an Icebreaker.
  • I really like this jigsaw starter activity. Great for the start of the class as students slide into class!
  • The starter powerpoint is excellent. I particularly like the links between the index and the slides.
More Icebreakers:

Hope they work for you! Good luck!